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    The case for OSV Newbuilds

    Is the market ready for newbuild orders again?

    By Jesper Skjong, market analyst, Fearnley Offshore Supply

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    Rig Scrapping Lowest in Years as Recovery Intensifies

    By Teresa Wilkie, Director – RigLogix, Westwood Global Energy Group

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    Sub-Saharan Africa FLNG

    Uniquely Positioned to meet European LNG Demand

    By Obo Idornigie, VP for Upstream Research, Welligence Energy Analytics

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    Floating Wind is the Future

    $3 billion forecast to be invested in new anchor handlers to meet floating wind demand.

    By Philip Lewis, Research Director, Intelatus Global Partners

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    WTIV Boom Looms

    Up to $8bn forecast to be invested in new wind turbine and foundation installation vessels to meet offshore wind demand I the international segment

    By Philip Lewis, Research Director, Intelatus Global Partners

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    Baltic Sea Preps for Surge in Offshore Wind Project Activity

    The Baltic Sea area offers the countries of the region (Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany) a large generation potential for offshore wind energy. The European Commission identifies the potential of the Baltic Sea for the installation of 93.5 GW of offshore wind farms, but this figure may be an underestimate.

    By Tomasz Laskowicz, Research Analyst, Intelatus Global Partners

  • Floating Production: Opportunities … & Challenges … Abound

    2022 was a banner year for the Floating Production sector, and ’23 is shaping up even better, with IMA/WER projecting orders for 9 to 11 FPSOs, a few FLNGs and a handful of FSRUs, too. But while prospects are bright, a number of hurdles – from a dearth of qualified contractors to the energy transition to heightened environmental regulation – could put the sector back on ice.

    By Greg Trauthwein

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    Reducing CO2 emissions from FPSOs

    Gas turbines used to be the obvious choice for powering FPSOs, not any more.

    By Wendy Laursen

  • Photo by Bartolomej Tomić

    Horisont Energi: The North Star of Offshore Carbon Capture and Storage

    Carbon capture and storage has been described as one of the critical technologies for slowing down global warming, and one company in Norway is set to act as the “North Star“ and lead the way in this effort.

    By Bartolomej Tomic, Managing Editor,

  • Photo courtesy Bernhard Schulte Offshore /Matthias Giebichenstein

    Retrofits Could Accelerate U.S. Offshore Wind Development

    The US Administration’s strategy to fast-track offshore wind development is exciting for overseas shipbuilders and service providers in the field. Joint ventures meeting Jones Act requirements will support accelerating development. Some question, however, whether ambitious 2030 targets can actually be achieved.

    By Paul Bartlett

  • Image courtesy Nauticus

    Aquanauts, Hydronauts, roll out!

    Houston-based Nauticus Robotics’ first production Aquanauts and Hydronauts will head into the wild and closer to full commercialization this year, with testing planned in Norway and in the Gulf of Mexico. Founder and CEO Nicolaus Radford discusses the past few busy years for the tech start-up.

    By Elaine Maslin

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    The Rise of Electric Work Class ROVs

    In this article, we look closely at the latest developments in the work class ROV space. Based on what we’ve gathered, the future is increasingly electric.

    By Bartolomej Tomic

  • Photo courtesy Well-Safe Solutions

    SIMOPS & the Schooner Platform Decommissioning

    A summary of the operational benefits of SIMOPS – as seen during the Schooner platform decommissioning campaign.

    By Drew Duncan, Senior Well Abandonment Engineer, Well-Safe Solutions

  • Photo courtesy MacGregor

    Digital Twin

    With equipment installed on the equivalent of every other ship at sea, MacGregor’s marine and offshore ambitions to exploit digital twin technology at scale are as achievable as they are understandable.

  • By the Numbers: Discoveries & Reserves

  • By the numbers: RIGS

  • By the Numbers: OSV Market

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