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  • Fig. 1: Rupture disc for isolating safety valves

    Combination of Rupture Disc and Safety Valve offers various opportunities


    Rig Dayrates Have Risen, So Where are the New rig Orders?

    Much has been written in recent months about the increase in offshore rig utilization and dayrates. With some key segments of the fleet at 95% utilization or higher, dayrates for recent fixtures for non-harsh environment jackups have surpassed $150,000, while floating rigs have been secured for contracts at or above $475,000. Right on cue, the talk of new rig orders has surfaced, but will it actually happen?

    By Terry Childs, Head of RigLogix, Westwood Global Energy Group

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    The Resurgence of the OSV Industry: From Trough to Triumph

    The offshore supply vessel industry has weathered a tumultuous decade characterized by a prolonged trough that tested the resilience of vessel owners. However, the tides have turned, and the industry is now experiencing a strong and much-awaited revival.

    By Ina Golikja, Equity and credit analyst in the Research team at Fearnley Securities

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    Anchor Handler Construction & Floating Wind

    A fleet of newbuild specialized anchor handlers will be required to help build up the emerging floating offshore wind industry.

    By Philip Lewis, Director of Research, Intelatus Global Partners

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    It’s (Really) Not Easy Being Green (Hydrogen)

    While the promise of green hydrogen is real, the challenges are many, including the high cost of renewable energy sources themselves, the energy-intensive electrolysis process, and the development of infrastructure. Similar to other giant strides in technology, the mass production of green hydrogen will take a broad mix of political will (ie. funding), corporate nerve, and individual innovation.

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    Dynamic Risks Call for Dynamic Thinking

    Dropped objects are a leading cause of incidents offshore, and the risks are many.

    By Wendy Laursen

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    Interview: Paul Johnson, VP, Technical Services, Transocean

    In April 2023, Transocean executed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with offshore wind installation services firm Eneti, and MOU with a plan to form a joint venture company that will engage in offshore wind foundation installation activities. The plan, if enacted, would see some of Transocean's drilling vessels converted into wind turbine foundation installation vessels. Paul Johnson, VP, Technical Services, Transocean, shares an update with Offshore Engineer.

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    Mega Machines: JOIDES Resolution

    When it comes to deep drillers, JOIDES Resolution takes the cake, embarking on Expedition 395 to understand the impacts of mantle plumes on deep ocean currents.

    By Celia Konowe

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    You're gonna need a bigger crane...

    Offshore wind turbines are reaching new heights both literally (meters), and figuratively (megawatts). As the demand for larger turbines surges, so do the challenges faced by offshore installation contractors, which need to come up with bigger vessels, and, consequentially, bigger cranes for those vessels.

    By Bartolomej Tomic

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    “Game-changing” CSOV in Norway

    Offshore Engineer was recently in Norway to learn more about the newly launched Construction Service Operation Vessel REM Power, and of particular interest for this magazine edition, of its crane.

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    Tech File: HexDefence Scour Protection for Offshore Wind

    As the pace of offshore wind installation accelerates globally, all eyes turn to tools and techniques that will enable efficient installation and lifecycle protection of offshore wind towers. Balmoral, with decades of experience protection offshore oil and gas infrastructure, debuts HexDefence. Dr. Aneel Gill, Product R&D Manager, Balmoral, discusses the key benefits.

    By Greg Trauthwein

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