Fig. 1: Rupture disc for isolating safety valves

Combination of Rupture Disc and Safety Valve offers various opportunities


Rig Dayrates Have Risen, So Where are the New rig Orders?

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The Resurgence of the OSV Industry: From Trough to Triumph

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Anchor Handler Construction & Floating Wind

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It’s (Really) Not Easy Being Green (Hydrogen)

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Dynamic Risks Call for Dynamic Thinking

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Interview: Paul Johnson, VP, Technical Services, Transocean

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Mega Machines: JOIDES Resolution

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You're gonna need a bigger crane...

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“Game-changing” CSOV in Norway

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Tech File: HexDefence Scour Protection for Offshore Wind

By the Numbers: Discoveries & Reserves

By the numbers: RIGS

By the Numbers: Scandinavian Owned Offshore Fleet