By the Numbers: Discoveries & Reserves

By the numbers: RIGS

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Westwood’s top three 2023 offshore drilling rig market predictions

Offshore oilfield services spending to keep rising in 2023, led by Brazil

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Global Offshore Exploration Outlook


Offshore Support Vessel Outlook for 2023


Offshore Wind: The Top 10 Offshore Wind Trends of 2023

Emerging U.S. Floating Offshore Wind Segment

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Offshore wind power will improve energy security for Poland and the Baltic States

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Carbon Capture and Storage - an Emerging Offshore Industry

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Subsea power agnostic

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Floating Power: Electricity and Future Fuels

A Look inside the Deepwater Atlas

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A Robotic Reach in Offshore Wind

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A Digital Future: World’s First Floating Offshore Wind Digital Twin

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Catching the (Miros) Wave

By the Numbers: Middle East Offshore Markets