Credit: Brandon Murphy / U.S. Army


  • Credit: Anthony Junco / U.S. Navy

    By the Numbers: Future US Navy Vessels

    The U.S. Navy has a pipeline of nearly 100 vessels either under construction or planned.

  • Credit: Incat Crowther


    One-on-one with Grant Pecoraro, U.S. Managing Director, Incat Crowther.

    By Eric Haun

  • ©AnnaElizabeth / Adobe Stock

    Sail Freight: Fair Winds or Grassroot Sustainability?

    Cargo movers and green advocates turn to the wind for more environmentally friendly shipping.

    By Robert Kunkel

  • ©Mariusz / Adobe Stock

    Jones Act Waiver Mess

    Potential energy shortages in the U.S. northeast draw attention to the messy Jones Act waiver process.

    By Charlie Papavizas

  • Credit: Ocean Craft Marine

    Texas Beefs Up Security with New RHIBS from Ocean Craft Marine

    New speedy and agile RHIBs boost safety and firepower for law enforcement combatting drug smugglers on the Rio Grande.

    By Eric Haun

  • Credit: Brandon Murphy / U.S. Army

    The More ‘Eyes on the Water’, the Better

    New Coast Guard cutters and a growing network of unmanned systems will detect and respond to abnormal maritime behavior.

    By Edward Lundquist

  • Credit: Eastern Shipbuilding Group

    What’s Next for Eastern Shipbuilding?

    The shipyard’s president, Joey D’Isernia, discusses latest developments in the closely watched Offshore Patrol Cutter program, as well as other opportunities.

    By Eric Haun

  • Credit: Boksa Marine Design

    Profile: Boksa Marine Design

    Naval architecture firm celebrates 20th anniversary, bigger engineering projects.

    By Lisa Overing

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