By the Numbers

Future US Navy Vessels

The U.S. Navy has a pipeline of nearly 100 vessels either under construction or on order.

Credit: Anthony Junco / U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy at present has more than 490 vessels in both active service and the reserve fleet, from aircraft carriers to berthing barges. Below are charts showing the pipeline of nearly 100 additional vessels that are currently either under construction or in the planning and ordering stages.

Under construction

The U.S. Navy often refers to these ships as "pre-commissioning unit" (PCU), used informally as a nonofficial ship prefix. Some of these ships may have already been delivered to the Navy but are not actively commissioned.

On order

While these ships have been ordered by the U.S. Navy, their keels have not yet been laid, meaning they are not yet considered “under construction”.

December 2022