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  • Greensea IQ’s Vision

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    Operators Offering 15-Year Rig Deals as Availability Dries Up

    As offshore drilling rig utilization increases and availability continues to tighten, Westwood has recorded a marked lengthening of new contract award durations as well as for new tender opportunities. On average, awarded jack-up contract durations have increased 36% compared with 2021, while drillships have increased 41% and semi-subs a whopping 117%.

    By Teresa Wilkie, Director RigLogix – Westwood

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    The North Sea PSV market – booming worldwide, yet underdelivering locally

    The Platform Supply Vessel market is heading towards full utilization for high-specification units, driving dayrates to levels not seen in a decade. However, it is interesting to note that when it comes to the North Sea fleet, all comparable regions are now accelerating at rates far higher than the North Sea.

    By Theodor Sørlie | Market Analyst at Fearnley Offshore Supply

  • OE TV: Floating Wind &$250B Global CapEx Through 2035

    Floating offshore wind is an emerging technology with strong potential to become a major energy source, says Intelatus Global Partners’ research director Philip Lewis. His recent interview with Offshore Engineer TV discusses the challenges and opportunities.

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    A Public Policy Energy Blunder

    How the new Federal Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing imperils U.S. economic, energy, and national security

    By Erik Milito, President, National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA)

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    Connecting the Dots: From Remote Operations to Full Autonomy

    Harvest Technology is a relatively young and small Australian company that has caught the attention and spend from some offshore and subsea industry heavyweights, from Fugro to Ocean Infinity, Technip FMC, and DOF, to name a few. Adam Ford, Special Projects Lead, and Damiain Brown, Chief Product Officer, Harvest Technology Group Limited discuss the potential of remote operations with Offshore Engineer.

    By Greg Trauthwein

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    The Power of Offshore Molecule Production

    Energy ecosystems are evolving as the value of offshore power-to-X production is being realized.

    By Wendy Laursen

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    Tyra's Resurgence: Breathing New Life into Denmark's Gas Giant

    Just a few years ago, Tyra, the cornerstone of Denmark's offshore gas production, faced an uncertain future. However, a bold decision to redevelop the field was made, making it one of Denmark's most ambitious infrastructure projects ever.

    By Bartolomej Tomic

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    Seeing Wind’s Problems with ‘Digi-eyes’

    How adopting digital technologies hold the key to enabling asset control

    Mirelle Ball, Content Marketing Manager, ONYX Insight

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    New Technologies, Systems & Products

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