Greensea IQ’s Vision

Bayonet 250 equipped with White River Technology sensor system initiating a UXO search
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Greensea IQ champions the goal of extending human reach into the ocean through the application of intelligent robotics. The company's commitment to leveraging technology to overcome the challenges of underwater activities underscores this dedication to revolutionizing the possibilities of underwater work. Greensea IQ’s endeavors are all founded upon its mission to improve the relationship operators have with robotics by making the work they do together more productive and more satisfying.

Greensea IQ has transitioned from custom development to the strategic utilization of data and autonomous marine robotics products to facilitate impactful, safe, and productive underwater operations across diverse sectors.

The Greensea IQ Approach and Intelligent Robotics

Greensea IQ stands at the forefront of innovation, delivering intelligent software, integrated systems, and services through data-driven autonomous marine robotics. The company’s visionary approach is guided by its mission to extend human reach into the oceans and to harness its cutting-edge technology to make a positive impact on the planet.

Greensea IQ has developed a comprehensive software framework tailored for marine applications that addresses the limitations of conventional practices involving crew-manned ships and manual ROV operations. These established methods have not only proved to be economically impractical but also lack scalability to service growing demands.

With software development history dating back to 2006, the company set its sights on reshaping the path of ocean robotics around five years ago. This strategic direction led its team to develop capabilities of cutting-edge autonomy and over-the-horizon command and control operations, which were achieved through dedicated development, prototyping, and comprehensive testing in collaboration with early adopters. These groundbreaking innovations are quickly becoming established applications in numerous market segments.

Greensea IQ’s approach of collaboration and delivery of intelligent robotics presents an innovative solution that not only overcomes the challenges posed by traditional approaches but also paves the way for an efficient and economically viable future in ocean operations.

The company’s mantra, "Intelligence driving work in the ocean," underscores an unwavering commitment from its leadership and team to leverage intelligent solutions for marine environments so that they may tackle critical challenges safely and effectively.

Bayonet 250 Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicle (AUGV)

Cutting-Edge Technologies

At the core of Greensea IQ's approach lies its open architecture software, OPENSEA™. The platform provides a modular framework enabling seamless integration of equipment and sensors, which creates advanced capabilities for ROVs, AUVs, and marine robotic vehicles; they become operator friendly and easy to maintain and update, yet still reliable and robust. The success of the OPENSEA platform is evident through its integration into more than 3,000 marine robotic systems worldwide.

OPENSEA Edge is the next evolution in vehicle intelligence from Greensea IQ. OPENSEA Edge is a hardware and software technology framework that places the computing resources needed to power perception systems and manipulators directly on the vehicle. It enables advanced autonomous behaviors, allowing for trusted human-on-the-loop autonomy and tetherless command and control over any subsea marine robotic platform.

John Dunn, VP Operations at Greensea IQ, using Safe C2 technology to control an ROV located 1,500 miles away

OPENSEA Edge combines the power of OPENSEA with an edge computing package to provide an easy solution for system integrators or vehicle developers moving towards full subsea and untethered autonomy. OPENSEA Edge presents the tried-and-true navigation, vehicle control, and autonomy solutions of OPENSEA with new OPENSEA technologies—objective-based autonomy, perception system integration, and low-bandwidth communications-as-a-platform solutions—that can port to any vehicle system and support a wide range of applications.

In addition to providing the operating systems for OEMs, Greensea IQ has its own integrated systems and services that utilize OPENSEA/OPENSEA Edge. The Bayonet range of vehicles, comprising three sizes of autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGVs) for varying sensor loads, offers robust vehicles for bridging the gap between open water and the beach. Deployable from land or water in any weather or sea condition, these vehicles are engineered for movement on land, in the surf zone, and on the ocean floor. They effectively navigate unstable terrain, perform tasks, and run missions, all while carrying a wide range of sensor payloads, to accomplish a variety of environmental, oceanographic, hydrographic, and military applications.

Another integrated system benefiting from the power of OPENSEA’s advanced capabilities and precision navigation is the EverClean robot, developed by Greensea IQ to perform the EverClean service currently being offered to shipping vessel owners.

EverClean robots carry out cleaning operations with unmatched precision, resulting in minimal repetition and accurate data collection to deliver a hull condition report after each service; they offer a distinct “always clean hull” maintenance solution. Their compact size allows them to be resident onboard or at a harbor, providing a scalable and more cost-effective solution to maintain optimum efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and lower fuel costs. EverClean, and the concept of an “always clean hull” offered by Greensea IQ, is the first service offering of its kind; it stands in stark contrast to the inherently harsher and larger manually operated or diver-assisted reactive systems currently being used.

Applications Across Sectors

Greensea IQ's dedication to intelligent robotics is evident across various sectors, including defense, renewables, unexploded ordnance, science, and maritime transportation.

Greensea IQ delivers solutions to reduce the need, and risk, for personnel to perform dangerous and costly tasks in defense, including EOD, and UXO clearance; it utilizes robotic technology to increasingly remove humans from harm’s way, including through safe identification and removal of hazardous materials from ocean and land.

EverClean Robot

Given the growing emphasis on harnessing the ocean’s potential for sustainable energy generation, the utilization of autonomous robots presents a viable strategy for aiding in the management of offshore infrastructure. This solution reduces reliance on human intervention, as autonomous offshore vehicles are proficient in conducting tasks on the seafloor and in the vicinity of installations.

Greensea IQ has been supporting scientific research since 2006, providing an open architecture platform to facilitate collaboration and the application of military-developed technologies for the benefit of research. Their expertise in applying military-developed technologies to support scientific research extends to addressing biofouling management: they have successfully minimized fuel consumption and toxic antifouling materials, thus contributing to emission reduction.

The Greensea IQ Ecosystem

Greensea IQ is synonymous with intelligent solutions for working in the ocean and is primed as a force for impactful change. Whether through collaborating with robotic hardware manufacturers or the direct provision of integrated marine robotic systems and services, the company aims high.

Tetherless ROV with OPENSEA Edge for autonomous EOD and MCM

Greensea IQ’s ecosystem will help deliver a wide range of solutions for complex, difficult, and often dangerous tasks of working in the ocean.

OPENSEA’s advanced software capabilities empower rapid field deployment of equipment to address emerging market needs. This allows Greensea IQ to seize opportunities to support these markets and deliver intelligent, integrated systems like the Bayonet AUGVs. Additionally, through RaaS engagements such as the EverClean service, maritime customers gain operational efficiency, performance, and environmental benefits via intelligent robotics, all without the high ownership and maintenance costs of the platform.

These are just two examples of how Greensea IQ’s ecosystem adeptly harnesses advancements in marine technology solutions, which have been successfully developed on OPENSEA, seamlessly transitioning them for commercial application and widespread benefit.

September - October 2023