• Floating Offshore Wind and the Need for High-end AHTS

    By Theodor Sørlie, Market Analyst, Fearnley Offshore Supply AS

  • Somewhere, Over The Horizon. Robots Fly.

    Greensea Systems’ OPENSEA Edge™ and Safe C2™ can keep ROV pilots onshore – reducing risk and costs

  • Credit: Signal Film / ©Equinor

    Addressing the Challenges of Developing Floating Wind at Scale

    Tens of gigawatts of floating wind projects are slated for development in this and the next decade, but many obstacles remain.

    By Philip Lewis, Intelatus Global Partners

  • Interview: Kevin Sligh, Director, BSEE

    After his first year on the job, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Director Kevin Sligh Sr. discusses with Offshore Engineer the myriad of challenges and opportunities ahead for offshore energy development in the U.S. While the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM) handles the leasing side and permitting side, BSEE now owns the engineering reviews. With a sharp focus on safety, enforcement, and compliance on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), Sligh and his team eye the challenges and opportunities in building out offshore wind to the targeted 30GW of offshore wind power by 2030 and another 15GW from floating wind by 2035.

    By Greg Trauthwein

  • Credit: DNV

    DNV Celebrates 125th Anniversary of Operations in the U.S.

    Offshore Engineer recently interviewed Antony DSouza, Executive Vice President and Regional Manager, Americas DNV, to mark DNV's significant milestone of 125 years of operation in the United States, and to learn more about the company’s path from having a single surveyor in the U.S. in 1898 to currently having nearly 1,200 experts in the country.

    By Bartolomej Tomic

  • Copyright Lukasz Z/AdobeStock

    African floating rig market close to sold out

    A noticeable recovery in the West African offshore floating rig market (semisubmersibles and drillships) has been slower to arrive than the other two points of the Golden Triangle – Brazil and the US Gulf of Mexico – but now appears to be well underway.

    By Teresa Wilkie, Research Director, RigLogix

  • Photo by Ulrich Wirrwa; Image Source Cadeler

    A New Generation of WTIVs

    WTIVs have always been fuel-hungry. Now they are being tasked with installations that are further, deeper, and heavier.

    By Wendy Laursen

  • Image courtesy ABS

    “Hydrogen Hubs” to the Fore

    The path to decarbonization is defined by partnership and fueled by government funding. This month we examine the players, partnerships, and evolution of Hydrogen Hubs in the Gulf of Mexico.

    By Barry Parker

  • Copyright bomboman/AdobeStock

    Managing Offshore Oil & Gas Through Energy Transition

    Scientists warn that climate change is the greatest peril that humankind has ever faced. Yet oil and gas exploration is set to clock the highest growth for more than a decade this year and next. Protesters cause disruption but, for the moment, hydrocarbon energy underpins life as we know it.

    By Paul Bartlett

  • ©Paul Misje/

    The Wait is Over: Deep Value Driller Ready to Unleash Its Potential

    A lesser known offshore rig owning firm recently secured a long-term deal for a drillship that has been stacked since 2017, in yet another proof that the offshore drilling industry is back.

    By Bartolomej Tomić

  • Image courtesy DNV

    The ‘Green Rig’ is Coming Closer to Reality

    As the world continues its journey toward attaining net zero goals by 2050 there is an increasing pressure on the oil and gas industry to reduce its greenhouse gases (GHG) while maintaining global energy demands. Decarbonization has remained at the top of the news agenda in the last few years, with operators eager to create more ‘green’ rigs which operate with a reduced carbon footprint. But are more environmentally friendly oil rigs really on the horizon? We explored some of the key developments which show this vision is becoming a reality.

    By Alex Imperial, VP and Area Manager, South America, Energy Systems at DNV

  • Copyright AndSus/AdobeStock

    A Developer’s View: Floating Foundation Choices

    Challenges and opportunities in choosing the right material and design for floating wind foundations, drawing on the author’s experience from the Eolmed project and exploring the innovation gaps in the floating wind sector.

    Johan Daelman, Floating Foundation Lead Engineer, Thistle Wind Partners

  • Copyright conceptcafe/AdobeStock

    The Role of Technology in Making Renewable Energy a Reality

    Fugro's Wouter Maas highlights the potential for technology to extend the lifespan and optimize the performance of offshore wind turbines, leading to increased renewable energy production and a faster transition away from fossil fuels.

    By Wouter Maas, Strategy Director Offshore Wind O&M, Fugro

  • ©Coretrax

    Activated Drilling Scraper optimizes debris recovery while reducing rig time

    During a recent drilling campaign Coretrax's Activated Drilling Scraper (ADS) was deployed in the Middle East for efficient debris recovery and reduced rig time.

    David Cook, US country manager, Coretrax

  • By the Numbers: Discoveries & Reserves

  • By the numbers: RIGS

  • By the Numbers: The Floater Gas Market

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