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  • Teledyne Gavia Osprey Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

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    Bringing Science to the Masses

    By Huw Gullick, Associate Director, NOC Innovations

  • Photo courtesy SOI

    SOI Steps Ahead on Ocean Mapping

    With its new research vessel Falkor (too), Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) has ramped up its ability to map the ocean floor. Jyotika I. Virmani, Ph.D. Executive Director, SOI, offers insights on how new and emerging meld with onboard and shoreside crew to make exploration and discovery more efficient and effective.

    By Greg Trauthwein


    How To Choose The Best Inertial Solution For Your Application And Accuracy Needs

    All kinds of surveying, and more generally, oceanography and hydrography, need an inertial sensor. These solutions range from MRU to high-end INS/GNSS, and their selection shouldn't be taken lightly. It is crucial to select the right sensor depending on the type of application and its needs.


    The Evolution – not Revolution – of Seabed Mapping

    When it comes to seabed mapping, fewer names are more prestigious or better known than the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO). Ian Davies, International Hydrographic Portfolio Manager, UKHO, has enjoyed a diverse and 30+-year career in hydrographic survey. In this interview with Marine Technology TV, he shares his insights on the market drivers and the technology – from autonomy to communications to data processing – that he believes will deliver one of the most exciting and fast-moving eras in hydrography.

    By Greg Trauthwein

  • Photo Credit: EVOLOGICS

    Diver tracking, navigation, and communication currently in launch phase by EvoLogics, S2C underwater technology provides the data backbone

    Digital underwater communication with EvoLogics technology allows to track diver positions and simultaneously exchange data with diver trackers. It provides divers with their positions, locations of their team members, mission waypoints, and text messages.

  • Photo Credit: PopEye Team

    PopEye: Autonomous Anchoring for Large Commercial Vessels

    Innovation is the lifeblood of any industry, and this month we present — in their own words — insights on a device which combines AI and video to help a ship`s captain predict anchor drag before it begins. Created by a group of five engineering seniors from the University of Pennsylvania, the innovation has caught the eye of some powerful potential collaborators, including the U.S. Coast Guard.

    By Orestis Skoutellas, Jack Bendell, Mario Ferre, Ben Abt and Nick Anderson

  • Credit: Mark Haberbusch

    NOAA Seed Funding Gives Small Startup a Boost

    NOAA seed funding helped NEOEx fast track its liquid-hydrogen fuel technology for aerial drones, potentially extending small drone mission duration by up to 20 times.

  • Photo courtesy Balmoral

    Tech File: HexDefence Scour Protection for Offshore Wind

    As the pace of offshore wind installation accelerates globally, all eyes turn to tools and techniques that will enable efficient installation and lifecycle protection of offshore wind towers. Balmoral, with decades of experience protection offshore oil and gas infrastructure, debuts HexDefence. Dr. Aneel Gill, Product R&D Manager, Balmoral, discusses the key benefits.

    By Greg Trauthwein

  • Vessels: Recent Deliveries

  • Image courtesy UKHO

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