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    Tip #57: Cybersecurity in Maritime Operations and Training

  • U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Cmdr. Ray Miller IV

    Reagan National Defense Forum Highlights Uncrewed Maritime Systems

    Uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) represent one of the most cutting-edge and innovative technologies in today’s defense space.

    By George Galdorisi

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    Preparing for Change, ABS Enhances the Marine Vessels Rules Book

    As maritime faces transcendent changes in regards to decarbonization, digitalization and automation, innovators will be challenged to deliver new applications and technologies with increased speed and frequency. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) became the first classification society to incorporate goal-based standards throughout major rule sets, enhancing its ability to handle the increasing flow of novel concepts and new technologies. Dan Cronin, Vice President, Class Standards & Software, discusses the significance of the project.

    By Greg Trauthwein

  • Image courtesy Bill Doyle

    Marine Construction & Dredging: Straight Shooting with DCA’s Bill Doyle

    Bill Doyle is a ubiquitous figure in U.S. maritime circles, today CEO at the Dredging Contractors of America (DCA). We checked in recently with Doyle for his take on the U.S. dredging business today, its fleet and its future.

    By Greg Trauthwein

  • Photo courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Dredging Deep(er) for Economic Security

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) operates on a simple mission: provide safe, reliable, efficient, effective, and environmentally sustainable waterborne transportation systems for movement of commerce, national security needs, and recreation. Jase Ousley, Deputy Chief of Navigation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, HQ takes a deeper dive into the assets and priorities of the Corps to get the job done.

    By Greg Trauthwein

  • Image courtesy of Haven Dredging

    A New Era of Flexibility for Water Injection Dredging

    Water injection dredging has been in use for 30+ years. Some things have changed; others not so much.

    By Wendy Laursen

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    SMM – “the United Nations of Shipbuilding” – Returns to Hamburg in 2024

    Later this year, arguably the world’s best maritime exhibition again opens in Hamburg, the SMM 2024 with more than 2,000 exhibitors from 60 nations filling 11 exhibition halls comprising 90,000 sq. m. of exhibition space. We recently checked in with Uli Selbach, Business Unit Director, Maritime Fairs, Hamburg Messe, for an update on what to look for in 2024.

    By Greg Trauthwein

  • Photo: Callan Marine

    In the Shipyard: New Vessels & Designs

  • Image Courtesy Techcross

    Tech Files: New Products & Systems

  • Image courtesy DVIDS, Photo by LaShawn Sykes

    GAO: Coast Guard Should Better Monitor its Efforts to Credential Merchant Mariners

    Uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) represent one of the most cutting-edge and innovative technologies in today’s defense space.

    By Heather MacLeod, Director, GAO’s Homeland Security and Justice team

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