December 2023 | Edition 2

Volume 66 Number 9

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  • Teledyne Gavia Osprey Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

  • Photo credit: GreenseaIQ

    Greensea IQ: Revolutionizing the Subsea Industry with Robotic Solutions

    Innovation at the heart of the subsea industry

  • Images by Submaris/EvoLogics.

    The Ocean Robot Revolution: Reviewing the Latest in Marine Autonomy Tech

    Modern-day ocean technologies are constantly advancing. The current market is filled with vehicles for every depth, ocean condition, and application, offering varying specifications and customizations for any user’s need. Here, we’ll take a quick look at a few of the most recently developed options made by some of the top companies producing this cutting edge tech.

    By Laurel M. Gallaudet


    How To Choose The Best Inertial Solution For Your Application And Accuracy Needs

    All kinds of surveying, and more generally, oceanography and hydrography, need an inertial sensor. These solutions range from MRU to high-end INS/GNSS, and their selection shouldn't be taken lightly. It is crucial to select the right sensor depending on the type of application and its needs.

  • Copyright Infi Studio/AdobeStock

    Offshore Wind: 10 Things to Watch in 2024

    As we prepare for the new year, let us look at 10 factors that will shape the offshore wind sector in 2024.

    By Philip Lewis and Tomasz Laskowicz, Intelatus Global Partners

  • Photo credit: EvoLogics

    EvoLogics Sonobot 5: Elevating Multibeam Sonar Capabilities

    With a rich legacy as a high-tech provider of robotic solutions, sensor systems, and underwater data networks, EvoLogics has consistently demonstrated innovation in one of its flagship products, the Sonobot 5 uncrewed surface vehicle.

  • Image courtesy DEEP

    #OccupyMare: The Quest To Develop a Continuous Aquatic Habitat

  • © 1CSI Ltd 2023

    maxon: 200 times faster subsea inspection with the goddess of the deep

    Precise motion control is helping a new subsea inspection device achieve highly accurate inspection with the fastest-yet speeds of data collection.

  • Image courtesy VideoRay

    New Products: Vehicle Insights

  • Image courtesy Deep Trekker

    Enhancing Seafloor Mapping and 3D Modeling: The Role of ROVs in Photogrammetry

    By Deep Trekker

  • Image courtesy Picotech

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December 2023

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