Greensea IQ: Revolutionizing the Subsea Industry with Robotic Solutions

Innovation at the heart of the subsea industry

Recent successful test of tetherless ROV that uses OPENSEA, edge computing, and modified by Greensea IQ to include batteries and an acoustic modem.

Photo credit: GreenseaIQ
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Greensea IQ is at the forefront of advancing ocean robotics with its innovative technology and expertise in the field. As the demand for exploration and research in the underwater world continues to grow, the need for reliable and efficient robotic systems becomes increasingly important. Greensea IQ recognizes this need and has developed a range of intelligent solutions that are revolutionizing the way we explore and study our oceans.

Starting in 2006, Greensea IQ began developing the open architecture robotics platform, OPENSEA. OPENSEA was quickly adopted by the scientific community and is found on the deep water ROVs used by MBARI, NOAA, and Schmidt Ocean Institute, to name a few. At its core, OPENSEA is infinitely scalable, providing a rich starting point for innovation. Open architecture with its inherent scalability was embraced by the Defense Industry and many of Greensea IQ's recent technology advancements are the direct outcome of the challenges faced by military users.

A recent example, in September Greensea IQ successfully completed a demonstration of a prototype Autonomous EOD Maritime Response Vehicle (AEMRV) for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and US Navy. Utilizing the advanced capabilities of OPENSEA Edge, the system provides the computing resources needed to power edge perception systems and advanced autonomous behaviors of EOD Workspace, allowing human-on-the-loop autonomy and untethered command and control over the ROV platform.

AEMRV was also supported by Greensea IQ's long-range standoff solution for remote systems called Safe C2 that is protocol agnostic and designed for adhoc and multimode networks. Safe C2 allows for seafloor to over-the-horizon communications. More than just a communications handler, Safe C2 ensures the task an operator is conducting with a remote system is successful and solves the greater problem of removing ROV crew from the sea. Safe C2 technology is being used right now in our EverClean robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) program. This allows multiple robots to be supervised from our remote operations center. This same technology is being put to use and tested by Ocean Infinity, Ocean Power Technologies, and is used in our Bayonet autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGVs).

Greensea IQ continues to adapt its military derived technologies, all built on an OPENSEA core, to the commercial sector. OPENSEA has been adapted and built upon, providing the framework for applications as wide ranging as hull cleaning, beach restoration, mine countermeasures, and many more.

Example of OPENSEA Edge product that can integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into any ROV. Photo credit: GreenseaIQ

Key Features and Capabilities of Greensea IQ's Software, Data, and Robotic Solutions

1. Open Architecture is at OPENSEA's core

Open architecture, in a broad sense, is like having a flexible and inclusive blueprint for building something. In the context of subsea robotics, having an open architecture means that different components or programs can work together seamlessly, like pieces of a puzzle fitting together no matter where they come from. With OPENSEA at its core, developers and users can easily add new features, plug-ins, or improvements without causing conflicts. This openness promotes innovation, encouraging a diverse range of contributions which is seen in the variety of uses for Greensea IQ's technology - from hull cleaning and deep water ROVs to machine learning and long range command and control.

2. Inspection and Intervention Capabilities in the Surf Zone

Traditional surveying methods in the surf zone require complex hardware, specially trained crews, and extensive logistical planning. The constantly changing water depths, wave action, and sediment movement make surf zones a challenging environment in which to conduct surveys or to accomplish work.

Bayonet 250 entering surf during recent dredging inspection. Photo credit: GreenseaIQ

Greensea IQ's Bayonet line of AUGVs are designed specifically to traverse from beach, through the surf zone and to depths up to 100 meters. Bayonet AUGVs are designed to carry a wide range of payloads such as application appropriate sensors and manipulation tools, allowing them to perform a wide range of tasks in the near shore environment. Kitted with a towed sensor array to detect UXOs such as White River Technology's (WRT) Marine APEX 3D EMI sensor. The open architecture of Bayonet AUGVs allow future sensors or payloads to be added or swapped making these vehicles infinitely scalable.

3. Reduction of Carbon Emissions in Marine Transportation

More than 3.5% of global carbon emissions are attributable to the shipping industry. Greensea IQ has set out to change the way vessel owners maintain their fleets through an always-clean, intelligence based, in-water hull cleaning service and has set a lofty goal to reduce carbon emissions by 5 Million metric tons in 2024, through the adoption of EverClean. The amount of metric tons of carbon that is saved by maintaining an EverClean fleet is documented to EverClean customers through the subscription's data portal, EverClean IQ.

EverClean IQ Report at a glance. Photo credit: GreenseaIQ

Applications of Greensea IQ's Robotic Solutions

1. Marine Industry

In the marine industry, Greensea IQ's EverClean RaaS allows fleet owners to have unprecedented information and management of their ship hulls. With data provided by EverClean IQ, fleet managers now have access to their hull to improve decision making, schedule and review cleanings, and have constant data reporting on fuel savings, carbon emissions, and current ROI.

2. Renewable Energy Sector

As the world shifts towards renewable energy sources, Greensea IQ's robots can play a vital role in the development and maintenance of offshore wind farms and tidal energy installations. These robots are capable of performing inspections, installing and maintaining equipment, and conducting environmental monitoring, contributing to the sustainable growth of the renewable energy sector.

3. Underwater Infrastructure Development

Greensea IQ's robotic solutions are also instrumental in underwater infrastructure development projects such as the construction of underwater tunnels, bridges, and offshore platforms. These robots can perform complex inspections with precision, ensuring the safe and efficient completion of projects while minimizing risks to human divers.

4. Defense Industry

Greensea IQ's will continue to support US military and allies with the advanced software capabilities and ocean vehicles to several defense communities that increase the safety and effectiveness of the operators.

EverClean robot on assembly line Photo credit: GreenseaIQ

The Future of Greensea IQ and Subsea Robotics

Greensea IQ is committed to pushing the boundaries of subsea robotics even further. The company is constantly investing in research and development to enhance the capabilities of its robots and develop new technologies that can address the evolving needs of the subsea industry.

With advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and underwater communication systems, the future of Greensea IQ and subsea robotics looks promising. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way subsea operations are conducted, making them safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, Greensea IQ is at the forefront of revolutionizing the subsea industry with its innovative robotic solutions. From advanced navigation and communication technologies to surf zone and deep sea capabilities, OPENSEA robots offer enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and versatility in subsea operations. With applications across various sectors, Greensea IQ is driving the industry towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. As the demand for energy and resources continues to grow, Greensea IQ's technology and robotic solutions will play a crucial role in meeting these challenges head-on.

December 2023