AUV sentry operating below the water surface. Photo by Luis Lamar/ ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


  • The Latest Advancement in Deep Ocean Survey Vehicles — Teledyne Gavia’s SeaRaptor AUV

  • Photo credit: Greensea

    The Edge of True Autonomy

    OPENSEA Edge Is A Robot-Agnostic Edge Processing System For Vehicle-Based Autonomy, Perception, And Communications Based On The Open Architecture Of OPENSEA.

  • Image courtesy Voyis

    Racing to the Bottom: Seabed Warfare Brings Threats, Opportunities

    By David R. Strachan, Senior Analyst, Strikepod Systems LLC

  • SBG Systems and MacArtney Germany

    How to Choose the Best Inertial Solution for your Application and Accuracy Needs

    All kinds of surveying, and more generally, oceanography and hydrography, need an inertial sensor. These solutions range from MRU to high-end INS/GNSS, and their selection shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is crucial to select the right sensor depending on the type of application and its needs.

  • Image courtesy HII

    Interview: Duane Fotheringham, President of Mission Technologies’ Unmanned Systems business, HII

    HII recently debuted the REMUS 620 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). MTR caught up with Duane Fotheringham for furthers insights on the soft and hardware behind the new development.

    By Greg Trauthwein

  • Photo by Luis Lamar/ © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Submersible Technology Advances at Speed at WHOI

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is legendary for its subsea exploration and discovery. Central to its work are its fleet of crewed and uncrewed submersibles, and technological evolution is central to its missions. Andy Bowen, anocean engineer and director of the National Deep Submergence Lab, and Bruce Strickrott, an Alvin Pilot, discuss the WHOI fleet.

    By Greg Trauthwein, Editor

  • Photo Credit: Hydromea

    Modular LUMA™ nodes enable high-bandwidth “WiFi” communication underwater

  • Photos from UTEC

    A New Uncrewed Platform for Offshore Wind

    Survey, positioning and data management firm UTEC, part of the Acteon Group, is targeting the offshore wind survey and inspection market with a new uncrewed surface vessel (USV).

    By Elaine Maslin

  • Photo Credit: Silicon Sensing

    A new generation in motion sensing for autonomous subsea vehicles

    How AUV’s are evolving and how the next generation of inertial technology will help transform performance.

    Darioosh Naderi, Business Development and Product Strategy Manager at Silicon Sensing.

  • Photo courtesy Minesto

    Subsea Vehicle Technology

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