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    20 Years of Success and Still More to Come

    After two decades, Waterways Council, Inc. continues its mission to advocate for users of inland America’s vital inland waterways transportation system.

    By Tracy Zea, President/CEO, WCI

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    Steps to Take Now for New Maritime Infrastructure Funding Opportunities

    Increased infrastructure funding has provided many opportunities for ports and terminals, including both inland and coastal.

    By James A. Kearns, Jones Walker LLP

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    A Better Approach for Emission Reduction at US Ports

    In finalizing the Clean Ports program requirements, legislators must consider the maritime industry’s realities and challenges.

    By Robert Murray, President, NAWE

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    Getting the Work Right: Coordinating Money, Time and Big Projects

    Big project bookkeeping is a top concern for the Inland Waterways Users Board.

    By Tom Ewing

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    Update: Lower Snake River Dams

    An update on issues confronting regional towboat and barge operators about possible changes to the Columbia Snake River System.

    By Tom Ewing

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    Keep it Moving: Corps Dredges Log Record Seasons to Combat Drought Impact

    Severe drought conditions in late 2022 underlined the importance of dredging in the Mississippi River Basin.

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    Crandall Dry Dock Engineers, Inc Is Up for Sale

    Buyer sought for a name that’s well known and respected within the international shipyard business.

    By Eric Haun

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    Marine News rounds up recent news on towboat orders, christenings and sales.

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