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DNV Celebrates 125 Years Working in the U.S.

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Is it ‘Real’ or is it … (Part II)

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Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicle Provides Dredging Capabilities from Beach to Deep Seafloor

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A Proposal for a Small Change in Lloyds Open Form

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Interview: Harry Stewart, President & CEO, The Dutra Group

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GLDD Preps for its New Hopper Dredge Galveston Island

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Inside the Galveston Island Hopper Dredge Design

Dredge Firms Focus on Sustainability as ESG Issues Climb Agenda

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… 3 … 2 … 1 … Lift Off!

Maritime Transport: Fuels, Emissions and Sustainability

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Headwinds Hamper the Poseidon Principles

By the Numbers – Tankers