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    No Shortage of Good Ideas to Address the Mariner Shortage

    What can MARAD and USCG do to address the U.S. mariner shortage?

    By Jeff R. Vogel, Cozen O’Connor

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    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    How to avoid and address potential prosecution following marine-incident deaths.

    By Michael W. Magner and Marion Strauss; Jones Walker

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    Embracing Human and Organizational Performance (HOP): A Paradigm Shift to Address Safety and Workforce Challenges

    A shift in workplace safety is preventing accidents – and creating a culture of safety, learning and continuous improvement.

    By Michael Breslin, AWO

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    Apprenticeship Programs Are Key to the Future of Marine Welding

    Marine companies across various sectors — from offshore to defense — depend on apprenticeship programs to help solve their welding career challenges.

    By Joe Young, AWS Foundation

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    Maritime Employers: Working to Find Workers

    Across the U.S., maritime companies are stepping up to address workforce challenges, partnering with training facilities, forming regional workforce coalitions and establishing in-house apprenticeships.

    By Tom Ewing

  • Credit: Joseph DeLuco / U.S. Army

    Help Wanted: US Maritime Industry Struggles to Fill Key Gaps

    A shortage of workers within the U.S. maritime industry—ashore and at sea—is a major cause for concern.

    By Eric Haun

  • Credit: Diana Sherbs / U.S. Coast Guard

    MARAD’s Centers of Excellence: Addressing Maritime Workforce Needs and Preparing the Next Generation

    Maritime training locations designated as Centers of Excellence by the U.S. Maritime Administration are paving direct pathways toward maritime careers, addressing workforce shortages ashore and at sea.

    By Michael Merolle

  • Credit: Michel Sauret / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District

    Rule Change Aids US Mariners’ Return to Sea

    Change in Coast Guard policy seen as a big win for American mariners, allowing more flexibility to reenter the maritime workforce after time away.

    By Eric Haun

  • Credit: Kongsberg Digital

    How Are Advances in Simulation Shaping the Future of Maritime Training?

    An increasing demand for safety and sustainability in the maritime industry has been instrumental in the advancement of simulation technology, which is revolutionizing maritime training by providing immersive, cost-effective, and risk-free learning experiences.

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