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  • Credit: St. Louis Regional Freightway

    By the Numbers: Port St. Louis

    The St. Louis region remains home to the nation’s most efficient inland port. Data shows the region’s port system also is well diversified and plays a critical role in U.S. agriculture.

  • Insights: Cherrie Felder

    One-on-one with Cherrie Felder, vice president at Channel Shipyard Companies and chair of the Waterways Council, Inc.

    By Eric Haun

  • Credit: Chuck Walker / U.S. Army

    Increased Need for Infrastructure Investment

    Demopolis Lock—which suffered a recent catastrophic failure—is a cautionary tale for other locks and those in Congress and the White House who may fail to see the urgency and importance of investing in the inland waterways system.

    By Tracy Zea, President & CEO, Waterways Council, Inc.

  • Credit: PJ Hahn

    New Orleans is Sinking, and it is Not Tragically Hip

    Mother nature and climate change are having major impacts on navigation on the Mississippi River Ship Channel.

    By Sean Duffy, Executive Director, Big River Coalition

  • © icholakov / Adobe Stock

    Crumbling Great Lakes Ports Infrastructure Makes Port Insurance Even More Critical

    Armada CEO offers advice to secure the best insurance protection.

    By Ed McNamara, CEO, Armada Risk Partners

  • © itsallgood / Adobe Stock

    Dredging: Plenty of Issues, New WRDA on the Way

    An update on U.S. dredging—projects, equipment, new developments and responses to recent legislative demands.

    By Tom Ewing

  • Credit: USACE

    Inland Waterways Focus: The Pacific Northwest Columbia-Snake River System

    An update on critical decisions facing the also critical Columbia-Snake River inland waterway system in the Pacific Northwest.

    By Tom Ewing

  • © Rick Lohre / Adobe Stock

    Inland Waterways: Measuring Impact State by State

    New NWF state profiles highlight importance of inland waterways to key states.

    By Tom Ewing

  • Credit: AWI

    America’s Watershed Initiative: Sustaining a Critical Waterway

    Kimberly Lutz and America’s Watershed Initiative (AWI) are making every effort to sustain the Mississippi River for generations to come.

    By Michael Merolle

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