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    By the Numbers: Solutions For Slashing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Examining the potential of various emissions reduction approaches.

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    Defining Efficiency In A New 'Green' World?

    While the maritime industry continues to move toward a more sustainable future, there are still too many questions that remain unanswered.

    By Robert Kunkel, President, Alternative Marine Technologies and First Harvest Navigation

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    Powering The Transition To Zero-Emissions With Hydrogen Fuel Cells

    A key zero-emission technology that will be a critical enabler for decarbonizing the marine industry—now and in the future—is hydrogen fuel cells.

    By Thomas T. Petersen, Product Line Manager, Ballard Power Systems Europe

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    Why Ammonia Is The Fuel Of The Future For Maritime Shipping

    Maritime stakeholders eye ammonia as a key piece of the future fuel mix to help decarbonize global shipping.

    By Maciek Lukawski, VP, Strategy and Business Development at Amogy

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    Greening The US Federal Fleet

    Can the U.S. federal fleet blaze the path for a sustainable U.S. fleet?

    By Ed Schwarz, VP Sales Marine Systems, Americas, ABB

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    Future Fuels: Methanol

    Methanol is gaining serious traction as a fuel to help the maritime industry reduce its carbon footprint.

    By Barry Parker

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    WETA's Bay Ferry 2050: Water Transit Reimagined

    Bringing together people and technology for the future of the San Francisco Bay Ferry Service.

    By Jennifer McQuilken

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    Crossing Death's Door Daily

    Wisconsin's Washington Island Ferry Line provides umbilical to the mainland.

    By Edward Lundquist

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    Commercial Fishing On The Great Lakes Is A Family Affair

    For Henriksen Fisheries, whitefish continues to be profitable.

    By Edward Lundquist

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    Tech File: Controls

    Shipshape: Simplifying Boat Control and Improving Maneuverability

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