Gregory R. Trauthwein

Welcome to the first interactive eMag edition of MTR in 2024, one in which I’m particularly pleased to introduce a pair of new podcasts on MarineTechnologyNews.com that are geared to explore the work and wonders of the global subsea community.

The first podcast is “DEEP DIVE” hosted by industry and podcast veteran Rhonda Moniz. As the blue economy grows globally, DEEP DIVE is geared to offer insights and analysis from leaders and innovators in ocean and subsea commerce, defense and academia. In the most recent episode of DEEP DIVE, Moniz chats with Lee Silvestre, NavalX Northeast TechBridge Coordinator, about strategies to get your innovative subsea solution to work for the Navy and Marine Corps.

The second podcast, “VIEW FROM THE HELM”, will seek to interview transcendent leaders in the subsea community. This inaugural edition – “All in the [Gallaudet] Family” – is particularly special, as the featured guest is retired RAdm Tim Gallaudet – a man with a long-career dedicated to exploring and understanding the oceans –interviewed by his daughter Laurel Gallaudet, a budding ocean communicator and a recent addition to the MTR editorial team.

For more information on having your leadership, your technology featured on a future podcast edition, reach out to me on my email below my signature.

Gregory R. Trauthwein

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February 2024