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QYSEA + Water Linked: Mini DVL Makes a Big Impression on Small ROVs

QYSEA and Water Linked have partnered to equip QYSEA’s Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) with cutting edge underwater positioning sensors.

Photo Credit: QYSEA

The Water Linked A50 Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), touted by its maker as the world’s smallest DVL, will be the standard fit for QYSEA’s FIFISH V6 EXPERT, PRO V6 PLUS and PRO W6 ROVs moving forward.

Following extensive evaluation of the A50 DVL, QYSEA placed an initial order for 10 units. However, to meet the growing demand for increased vehicle capability among their clients, QYSEA significantly increased this initial order prior to taking delivery.

Photo Credit: QYSEA

QYSEA’s FIFISH PRO W6 ROV with A50 DVL fitted (Station Lock & Control)

“We have already successfully integrated the Water Linked Underwater GPS G2 system with a number of our current vehicles, providing users with additional navigation capability,” said QYSEA’s Marketing Director, Li Ping. When asked about the prospects of the newfound relationship with Water Linked, Ping was not in doubt: “The DVL integration has allowed us to further enhance the user experience, enabling QYSEA to support the needs of a growing commercial market for highly capable small vehicles.”

Photo Credit: Water Linked

Water Linked A50 DVL

Known for its entry level FIFISH V6 ROV, QYSEA have seen increased demand for more capable vehicles. The size, weight, and performance capabilities of the Water Linked A50 DVL made it the obvious choice to support accurate navigation, according to QYSEA.

Integrating the A50 into the control system of their ROVs has allowed QYSEA to offer advanced ROV station lock and control capabilities. These features allow operators of these smaller ROVs to undertake tasks that are typically undertaken by considerably larger vehicles.

Depth rated to 300m, the A50 can be used on an extensive range of ROVs. Where there is a need to operate at greater depths, the Water Linked A125 DVL is available rated to 500m or 3000m.

Thanks to advances in technology allowing for the miniaturisation of sensors, small ROVs can now be used for performing tasks that previously required larger vehicles. This results in a lower cost of operation and enhanced user experience.

December 2021