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Voyage Control


Autonomous navigation, multi-sensor fusion and computer vision move waterjet vessels to the forefront of 21st-century navigation and utility.

Photo: HamiltonJet

Sea Machines Robotics and HamiltonJet have launched a new intelligent voyage control product, named JETsense, that uses autonomous navigation, multi-sensor fusion, and computer vision to move waterjet vessels to the forefront of 21st-century navigation and utility.

JETsense utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced autonomy to perceive the domain and maintain precise control of steering and speed during a voyage and reroute to avoid traffic and obstacles while enabling a new level of streaming data to improve on-water operations, the two companies said.

The new HamiltonJet product, which features Sea Machines’ technology at its core, is the culmination of a partnership announced earlier this year to offer a helm-based system to advise, safeguard or assume active control of open water vessel transits. A formal product launch took place recently in HamiltonJet’s booth during the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans.

Photo: Sea Machines

Sea Machines' founder and CEO Michael G. Johnson and HamiltonJet's General Manager, Americas, Tom Lathem during the JetSense product launch, held at the International WorkBoat Show.

“JETsense is the first product in the market to incorporate Sea Machines’ advanced vision package. It pairs on-board autonomy with enhanced situational awareness (through cameras, radar, AIS, depth, etc.) in a way that is highly desirable in many manned applications. Throughout development, we prioritized helm integration and the ease-of-use for mariners,” said HamiltonJet’s managing director Ben Reed.

Photo: HamiltonJet

“We work with a variety of autonomy providers around the world, but we knew Sea Machines was the best partner with which to develop JETsense due to their commercial focus and rapidly expanding technical capabilities.”

Together with HamiltonJet we are elevating the bridge crew from continuous controller to commander, increasing ease, safety and efficiency of a vessel’s operation while giving the crew the freedom to focus beyond conventional routine control,” said Sea Machines’ CEO Michael Johnson.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing partnership with HamiltonJet. As an early adopter of Sea Machines technologies, HamiltonJet again reaffirms its reputation as an innovator and advanced solutions provider for high-speed marine operations.”

In 2019, Sea Machines and HamiltonJet successfully commissioned an SM300 autonomous control system aboard a HamiltonJet-powered workboat in New Zealand.

December 2021